Commissioning Our Photography

We have two photographers available to work on photographic projects. Both photographers have similar styles and also produce work in each of our photographic fields. Both photographers can provide quotes and information about our services. Our photographers are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and work throughout the UK.

Our photography services are broken down into the following areas;

•  General Photography Time
•  Mast Photography Time
•  Post Production Time
•  Travel Time
•  Mileage
•  Video / 360 Images / Time Lapse

In order for us to quote correctly on a project, we require a brief. This enables us to fully understand what is required and quote on how long this will take to produce and what the estimated costs will be. To receive a full quote or further information about a project please contact us and we will be very happy to discuss the project with you.

For our full terms for commissioning photography services please visit our terms and conditions page.